How to Connect Twitter

Show off recent Tweets.

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Twitter is what's happening.

Instead of forcing website visitors to leave your website, share your latest Tweets inline with Fomo.

Connecting Twitter to Fomo takes just a few seconds and does not require authorizing any apps or sharing credentials.

Step 1 - Fetch your Handle

Copy your Twitter handle, the text following

Log into Fomo and navigate to Integrations > Twitter.

Paste your Twitter handle, without the "@" symbol, and click to Connect Twitter.

Step 3 - You're Done!

Fomo will immediately import recent Tweets, using embedded images (when available) as your notification image.

Modify your Fomo notification template anytime with variables like:

  • {{ tweet }}

  • {{ tweet_no_links }}

  • {{ handle }}

  • {{ name }}

New Tweets will be imported automatically, and if you ever change your handle we'll send you instructions to update it inside Fomo.

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