CS-Cart is a powerful and flexible eCommerce shopping cart application.

Connecting CS-Cart is easy and requires no coding experience.

Step 1 - Get your API Key

First, let's go into your CS-Cart settings and get your API key. You can find this under the Customer - Administrator dropdown.

Here you will see a list of administrators. Pick your preferred admin, and click edit . This admin's credentials will be used to connect CS-Cart to Fomo.

Click the checkbox that says 'Yes, allow this user to use the API':


Don't forget to hit Save changes or your API Key will not work.

Copy your API Key and head over to Fomo

Step 2 - Connect Fomo

In Fomo, navigate to the Integrations tab and find CS-Cart by scrolling down or inputting 'cscart' in the instant search field. Click "connect with CS Cart".

In the resulting connect form, fill out the 3 form fields for:

• Your API Key
• The administrator email that you selected when you created the API Key
• Your CS-Cart website domain

Click the green "continue" button. 

Step 3 - You're Done!

Fomo will immediately import recent leads from CS-Cart.

Going forward, new orders will also be imported automatically.

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