Prestashop is a open-source free to use ecommerce platform. 

Connecting Prestashop is as easy as connecting a module. 

Step 1 - Download our Fomo-Prestashop Module

Visit our github repository and from there, you can download the module. 

Extract the zip and you'll have a folder called fomo-prestashop-module-master . You can rename this folder to simply fomo  for clarity sake.

Step 2 - Install the module on Prestashop

This part requires you to have file access to your Prestashop store. You may have to talk to your developer here.

The fomo module needs to be moved into your Prestashop module directory. 

Once thats in there, we can check it out in your Admin Panel.

Step 3 - Check it your in your Admin Panel

After uploading, you must still install the module. Login to your Prestashop admin panel. 

Visit 'Modules & Services'.

Click 'Selection' and search for "fomo". It'll be the first one ;)  Hit install. Then click configure. You'll be taken to a settings page that looks like this. 

First, make sure to enable 'Live mode'. This will make sure Fomo works on your live site.

Then, grab your api key from Fomo here.  Please click 'DO IT YOURSELF' and grab that code between 'v1' and 'load.js'.

Mine's looks like this G_ryrnyaKHtQwlNEwLzE2Q .

Pop that in your prestashop settings under API KEY

Now grab your webhook url.

Step 4 - Connect Fomo

To get your webhook url, we need to connect Fomo first. 

Inside Fomo, navigate to the Integrations tab and find Prestashop by scrolling down or inputting "prestashop" in the instant search field. 

After you enable Prestashop, you'll see your Webhook URL. 

Copy & head back to your Prestashop-Fomo settings.

Step 5 - Finishing up

Back under the Fomo Module configuration, paste in your webhook url. 

Punch 'Save' and bam, we are done!

Going forward, new customers and orders will be imported to Fomo. 

Navigate to Templates > Prestashop (Order / Customer) to modify the messaging of your notifications.


Edit your template to access your merchandise quantity. 


v 1.6.x

  • The toggle for Live Mode does not work on 1.6.x, having it 'off' will still allow Fomo to function.
  • If you can't find the module, try changing filters to "Installed & Not installed"

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