PrestaShop is an open-source ecommerce platform. 

Connecting PrestaShop is as easy as connecting a module. 

Step 1 - Download our Fomo-PrestaShop Module

Visit our github repository and from there, you can download the module. 

First, unzip this downloaded zip file anywhere on your computer and you'll have a folder called fomo-prestashop-module-master

Second, rename this folder to fomo.

Finally, compress this renamed folder into a zip file.

Step 2 - Install the module on PrestaShop

Go to your Admin Dashboard within PrestaShop and on the left black panel, you'll see your Module Manager under the "Improve" section. Click to Upload a module:

Upload the zip file you created in Step 1 here.

Step 3 - Add Your Fomo Settings

Once you've uploaded the zip file, PrestaShop will direct you to configure your Fomo settings:

First, make sure to enable 'Live mode'. 

Then, grab your Client ID from your embed snippet within Fomo Settings > Site here

In the example below, the Client ID would be: FGDzFbdCpJsScXQEnwqVQ. Yours will be a different code but in the same placement within the embed snippet:

Next, you need to find your Webhook URL. 

If you've already connected the PrestaShop integration within your Fomo account, skip to Step 5. If not, you will need to follow Step 4 before having access to your Webhook URL.

Step 4 - Connect Fomo

To get your Webhook URL, we need to connect Fomo first. 

Inside Fomo, navigate to the Integrations tab and find PrestaShop by scrolling down or inputting "prestashop" in the instant search field. 

Step 5 - Find Your Webhook URL

Within Fomo, the PrestaShop integration page shows you your Webhook URL. Copy this.

Step 6 - Finishing up

Back in the Fomo-PrestaShop Module configuration in Step 3, paste in the Webhook URL you copied from Step 5. 

Click to 'Save' and we're done!

Going forward, new customers and orders will be imported to Fomo. 

Navigate to Templates > PrestaShop (Order / Customer) to modify the messaging of your Fomo notifications.

Pro Tip

Edit your template to access your merchandise quantity. 


v 1.6.x

  • The toggle for Live Mode does not work on 1.6.x, having it 'off' will still allow Fomo to function.

  • If you can't find the module, try changing filters to "Installed & Not installed"

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