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Show off recent leads from Gist.

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Gist is a complete marketing and growth stack for your business - with live chat, email marketing, automation, event tracking and lead gen forms.

Connecting Gist to your Fomo account takes a few seconds and requires no coding experience. 

Step 1 - Get your API Key

Log into your Gist account. Click "Settings" in the top menu bar, then "API & Integrations" > "API Key" in the left panel. Copy down your API Key and head to Fomo:

Step 2 - Connect Fomo

In Fomo, navigate to Notifications, click ‘Add Notifications’, then ‘All Notifications’. Search for 'Gist' and click to open the integration.

Click 'Connect'.

In the resulting page, paste your API Key from Step 1 into the connect form. 

Click the orange continue button.

Step 3 - You're Done!

Fomo will immediately import recent leads from Gist.

Going forward, new leads will also be imported automatically.

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