MemberPress is a WordPress membership site plugin that makes it easy to charge your users for access to content and digital products such as software and e-books.

Connecting MemberPress to your Fomo account takes a few seconds, and requires no coding experience. 

Note: As of January 2021, Memberpress requires a Plus or Pro account to use their Developer Tools. This means the integration connection is only possible if you have a Plus or Pro Memberpress account.

Step 1 - Activate Developer Tools

Login to the admin side of your wordpress site. If you have MemberPress installed, in the submenu click on Activate.

Then install Developer Tools under the Add-Ons tab.

Step 2 - Connect Fomo

In Fomo, navigate to the Integrations tab and find MemberPress by scrolling down or inputting 'memberpress' in the instant search field.

Click Memberpress and then click 'Connect with Memberpress'.  In the connected page, copy the webhook url from the from the webhook url field located underneath integration enabled.

Step 3 - Connect MemberPress

Inside Memberpress click the Developer tab under your MemberPress dropdown options. If this button isn't there, see Step 1

Under Webhooks paste in the webhook url we copied from Fomo. Don't forget to hit save!

Step 4 - You're Done!

Fomo will immediately import new members from Memberpress.

Going forward, new members will also be imported automatically. 

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