There are a few reasons ads may stop showing on your website.

  1. Linked ad campaigns ran out of their daily budget
  2. Linked ad campaigns were paused
  3. Your account was suspended

Reason 1 - Ad campaigns run out of budget

Advertisers in the Fomo Publishers network have the ability to set a daily budget, which can be as low as $5.

Because most ads are shown at $3 CPM, (per thousand ad impressions), an ad campaign with a $5 daily budget will automatically "pause" after ~1,667 ad impressions are served.

When this happens, Fomo automatically emails the advertiser and encourages them to consider increasing their daily budget, especially if it runs out before mid-day.

Also note, you may see even fewer impressions from a given ad campaign, if that advertiser is linked to multiple publications.

(example: $10 daily budget => ~3,300 daily impressions / 3 websites => ~1,100 impressions per website, per day)

Reason 2 - Ad campaigns are paused

Fomo advertisers may log into their account and "pause" a campaign at any time, for any reason. There is no requirement to give notice, or resume ads.

This aligns interests between us (Fomo), Advertisers (who pay everyone), and Publishers. Sometimes ad campaigns don't perform as well as hoped, so it's a good idea to disable them.

Reason 3 - Account suspension

Your publisher account may be suspended for any reason, including:

  • fraudulent impressions/clicks (ie, if you refresh your website all day)
  • low CTR (click through rate) or conversions (reported by Advertisers)
  • irrelevant audience (ie, the majority of your visitors are non English speaking)

In the case of a suspension, you're welcome to email us anytime at to appeal for reconsideration.

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