Page Rules are how you're able to show or hide certain templates on specific pages. Because page rules work on the template level, they won't work as a standalone solution when trying to show certain products on certain pages. In order to achieve this, you'll need to create a new integration connection for each product that you want to individually showcase on a specific page.

NOTE: If you simply want to mass scope all of your product notifications by product page (ex. show "X bought red shoes" only on your red shoes product page), you can do this in one click through our Page Stream integration.

We're going to use ClickFunnels as an example, but the general flow is the same for all of our integration apps.

Step 1 - Create a new ClickFunnels "connection" instance (inside Fomo > Integrations > Clickfunnels > "connect new"):

If you don't see a 'connect new' button when you click into an already-connected integration, this means that your integration does not support multiple connections. Please send us an email at

Tip: You should be connecting a second instance of the ClickFunnels integration. Your first template will be the source of data that copies and filters product-specific Events to all other templates.

Step 2 -  Rename the newly generated template
to the specific product's name being sold, ie "ClickFunnels Purchase --> Nature Encyclopedia purchase".
You can access your templates by clicking into the side-bar menu on the right and selecting 'templates':

Step 3 - Adjust the messaging and settings of your new template.

Step 4
- Back in your parent Template (i.e. "ClickFunnels All Leads"), add an Action ("Actions" tab) that directs specific product titles to your child ("ClickFunnels Purchase --> Nature Encyclopedia purchase") template, like this:

Tip: If you aren't sure what to input for the variable, you can head to your Events tab and click on "Edit" of one event to see what that variable is being imported as.

Step 5 - Create a Page Rule
by clicking the Rules tab.  Here you can set a specific URL path to only show off Events filtered to your new Template from Step 2:

Step 6 -  Repeat this for each of your desired products, and you're done! Now, visitors on your specific funnel pages (via the Page Rule) will only see notifications for products purchased within that product's context.

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