Page rules are how you're able to show or hide certain templates on specific pages. Because page rules work on the template level, they won't work as a standalone solution when trying to show certain products on certain pages. In order to achieve this, you'll need to create a new integration connection for each product that you want to individually showcase on a specific page.

We're going to use ClickFunnels as an example, but the general flow is the same for all of our integration apps.

Step 1- Create a ClickFunnels "connection" instance (inside Fomo > Integrations > Clickfunnels > "Connect new?") and name it the same name as your product 

If you don't see a 'Connect New' button when you click into an already-connected integration, this means that your integration does not support multiple connections. Please send us an email at

Step 2-  rename the newly generated Fomo template
to the specific product's name being sold, ie "ClickFunnels Purchase --> Nature Encyclopedia purchase".
You can access your templates by clicking into the side-bar menu on the right and selecting 'templates'.

Step 3- create a Template Rule by clicking your desired template, and clicking into the Rules tab.  Here you can filter out all products besides the intended title:

Step 4- create a Page Rule
(very top link, next to Settings) to control where this new purchase template is displayed

Step 5-  Repeat this for each of your desired products/funnels, and you're done! Now, visitors on your specific funnel pages (via the Page Rule) will only see notifications for products purchased within that product's context.

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