How does Fomo's advertising program work?

Fomo is building a network of thousands of niche bloggers and publications who write content tailored toward your target audience.

Fomo pays these publications on a per ad impression basis, to serve social proof ads using live data from your website.

As of this writing, Fomo Publishers drives targeted traffic for $0.20 - $0.40 per click. There is a minimum $5 per day ad budget, but you may pause or cancel your ad campaign at any time.

Will I be charged for duplicate clicks on my ads?

Fomo bills advertisers on a per thousand impression basis, commonly referred to as CPM (cost per mille).

We're actively developing algorithms that will prevent invalid or duplicate clicks from being counted in your dashboard, however these clicks do not affect your bill.

How do I manage my campaigns?

You can access and edit campaigns by logging in and clicking "Switch to Fomo Advertisers" from the top right settings icon.

How does billing work?

Fomo charges advertisers every 1 - 30 days, based on an internal TrustLevel  algorithm that takes into consideration your time on the platform and billing reliability.

New advertisers are charged per $20 budget spent, and more established advertisers are charged every few hundred dollars.

Can I set budget limits on my account?

Yes, budgets are tracked daily inside your ad portal settings and on a per campaign basis. If you reach your account limit within a day, your campaign will be paused and you'll be notified.

After a daily budget is exceeded, ads are disabled until the following day, when the new daily budget begins.

How do I disable ads or campaigns?

Inside your Fomo > Ads dashboard, simply toggle "pause" beside any campaign. 

To delete all your advertising data, contact

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