Create and Manage Teams
Give clients and partners access to specific websites in your account.
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Note: this feature is only available for clients on the Agency Partner account, which starts at $99 /month. For more information about this plan, email

Account owners -- the user responsible for plan and billing details -- may create unlimited teams for their clients or partners.

Step 1 - Confirm Agency Partner Status

While logged into Fomo, navigate to your Account Profile from the top right icon.

Ensure the Current Subscription says "Agency Partner." If not, contact

Step 2 - Review your Team

Navigate again to the top right settings dropdown and click "Manage Teams."

If you haven't created any teams yet, your screen should look like this:

Click "Default team" and rename your current team as desired, then Save.

You may invite additional colleagues below, or create a new team for your clients and partners.

Step 3 - Create a team for Clients

If you're an Agency Partner, you probably only want clients to see and manage their own websites, but not your website or any other clients' websites.

This is easy to do with the Fomo Teams feature.

To add a new client, first create a new team from the Manage Teams page.

Next, invite as many clients as you'd like, below the team name:

Step 4 - Adding websites to a Client Team

With a new team created, first "switch to it" by navigating to "Manage Teams," finding the team name, and clicking "Switch."

From here you can visit the "Sites" link or Fomo logo in the top left corner, and begin adding websites for that team only.

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