Volusion is one of the larger ecommerce online store builders that allow you to start selling your products without being a techie at all. 

Connecting Volusion to your Fomo account takes a few seconds, and requires no coding experience. 

Step 1 - Create your Volusion Orders URL

Sign in to your Volusion store admin panel. Under Inventory at the top menu bar, click 'Volusion API'.

Then, click Run next to Generic/Orders

Now, what we are doing here is asking Volusion to create a URI for us that lets us see all of your recent purchases. So we need to specify what data we need. 

We need:
• o.OrderID
• o.BillingCity
• o.BillingCountry
• o.BillingFirstName
• o.BillingLastName
• o.BillingPostalCode
• o.BillingState
• o.OrderStatus
• od.ProductName
• od.ProductPrice

Click the check box next to all of these items.


If you change your Volusion password, this URL will no longer work!
If you change your password
please re-due step 1 and create a new integration.

Click 'Run' on the top right. Volusion should give you a URL that looks like this:


Copy it and..

Step 2 - Connect Fomo
On Fomo, navigate to the Integrations tab and find Volusion by scrolling down or inputting 'volusion' in the instant search field:

Paste in the URL we created in Step 1, and click "continue".

Step 3 - You're Done!

Fomo will immediately import recent purchases from Volusion.

Going forward, new purchases will also be imported automatically. 

Happy Marketing. 🐬 

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