Calendly is a simple, easy-to-use, yet powerful scheduling software. It eliminates the old-school way of using email and phone tags for scheduling appointments, calls, interviews, demos, and more.

Connecting Calendly to your Fomo account takes a few seconds, and requires no coding experience. 

Step 1 - Get your Calendly API Key

Log into your Calendly account and check out your integrations. You'll find them in the settings dropdown (top-right).

Copy your key and let's head to Fomo.

Step 2 - Connect Fomo

Inside Fomo, navigate to the Integrations tab and find Calendly by scrolling down or inputting "calendly" in the instant search field.

Click 'connect with Calendly'. 

In the resulting connect page, paste your api key into the API Key form field. Click the green 'continue' button. 

Step 3 - You're Done!

Fomo will immediately import recent invitees from Calendly.

Going forward, new calendar bookings will also be imported automatically.

Navigate to Templates > Calendly Invitee Created to modify the messaging of your Fomo notifications, with access to variables like {{ event_location }},
{{ event_start_time }}, {{ event_time_from_now }} and more.

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