Links to our DPA, which defines GDPR terminology and our subprocessors.

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Have no fear, we are indeed GDPR compliant!

Fomo does not use cross-site tracking cookies or any other type of invasive tooling. 

All customers enter into an acceptable legal agreement by agreeing to our terms and conditions upon registering, which includes our DPA. The following two articles ( and ) detail the types of acceptable agreements that exist between parties sharing data. We use information that the customers send to their own 3rd party applications (Shopify, Mailchimp, Zapier, etc) and convert their data into notifications.

This data flow is executed through webhooks, along with the public APIs that are offered by most of our supported integrations. The webhooks and API calls are triggered when actions occur on a user's site, like a newsletter signup or new purchase.

Our terms and conditions contain a link to our DPA under ‘Ownership and Data’ which defines our compliance with GDPR, and lists our current sub-processors under section 4.1. All users must accept our terms and conditions upon registration, which is a legally binding agreement sought by article 46.2a in the GDPR

Links to our full T&C along with our DPA are available below:

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