Typeform is an easy to use tool for collecting data, feedback and more. 

Connecting Typeform to your Fomo account takes a few seconds, and requires no coding experience.

Step 1 - Connect Fomo

Inside Fomo, navigate to the Integrations tab and find Typeform by scrolling down or inputting "typeform" in the instant search field.

Click accept and bam! You're connected with Fomo and we can start importing your responses.

Step 3 - Select your form

Fomo pulls your form responses and lets you take control of what info is displayed in your events.

First thing we need to know is which form you would like to integrate with Fomo.

Sign into Typeform and you'll be taken to your workspace. There you'll see all of the forms in your account. Choose which one you want to integrate and click on it.

Visit the 'Share' tab. 

Your form id is located at the end of the share url. 

Lets copy it (znZDog in this case) and paste it over on your Fomo Integration page. 

Now click the save button.

Step 4 - Setting up your settings

You can now teach Fomo what responses you want to share.
We do this by selecting a datatype: (e.g. First Name)
Then, picking which form question corresponds to that. 

For example:  On my form, how I ask for the participants first name is thus;
"First things first! What's your first name?"

So Ill select those two and press add. Now Fomo knows where to find the participants name when we get responses via webhooks.

Do that for all of the info you want to surface via your Fomo Events. 

Hit Save and we are good to go!

Step 4 - Customize your Events

If you visit your Templates you can customize your Fomo events to look and feel any way you want.

You'll start out with something like this.  You can use those datatypes you created to make your events do the job you need them for. 

Here is an example I made for a Flower Shop Order Form. 

My Form doesn't get any location data so i'm gonna delete {{ city }} and {{ country }}. Also, incase the customer bought flowers for themselves, ill put in a 'default [their self]'.  

Now my events will look something like this.

I also have a registration form for Summer Slam 2018.
Im gonna connect another form and show off these events too. 

Connect New, Connect Fomo again, and paste my new form id in. 

Setup what data I want to pull down.

Edit my template. I only ask for country in my form, so I removed {{city}}.
I don't want my events to say: 'Alfred is going to Summer Slam 2018 Registration Form'.
So I trim after "Registration" on my title_with_link.  

Now my events look like this:

Sweet, I feel good.

Step 5 - You're Done!

Fomo will immediately import recent form responses from Typeform. With our shiny new webhook, all new responses will instantly be surfaced as events on your site. 

Every form is different. So make sure to leverage Fomo's dope customization options. Heres a link to learn more. 

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