Mailchimp is the world's largest marketing automation platform.

Connecting Fomo with Mailchimp is seamless, and takes just a few seconds.

Step 1

Inside Fomo, navigate to Integrations and search for Mailchimp.

Click "Connect" and log into your preferred Mailchimp account inside the modal.

Then, select a sub account (if applicable).

Step 2

After granting Fomo permissions to your subscriber data, you'll be returned to an integration management screen.

Here you can select which Mailchimp "lists" you'd like to sync with Fomo.

Step 3

Toggle on 1 or more lists, then navigate to the Events tab to see recent subscribers from those lists, imported to Fomo.

Step 4

You're done! Feel free to customize the messaging parameters and merge variables inside Templates > Mailchimp Subscription.

You may also rename these templates, or connect additional Mailchimp accounts and Lists by clicking "Connect New" from the Mailchimp integration page.

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