Squarespace is a leading website builder that also offers ecommerce services.

If you're using the "Commerce" plan of Squarespace, you can use Fomo to show off recent ecommerce transactions. If you're not on the Commerce plan, contact us for other options.

Step 1 - Connect Squarespace

Inside your Fomo account, navigate to Integrations > Squarespace and click to Connect.

You'll be asked to share permission with us in order to create Fomo notifications from your commerce store. 

Note: Fomo is read only and will not modify any data on your website.

Step 2 - You're done!

Recent orders will be imported immediately to your Fomo account, and future orders will also be saved automatically.

You can modify the messaging of your Squarespace order notifications by visiting Integrations > Squarespace > Templates > Squarespace Order.

(In case you don't see notifications on your Squarespace store, make sure to embed your snippet.)

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