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What to do if another widget is hiding Fomo
What to do if another widget is hiding Fomo

How to display Fomo on top of your other widgets.

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Not all products are as developer-friendly as Fomo.

Sometimes, other apps on your website may interfere with the notifications from your Fomo account.


If you have a sticky navigation bar, banner, badge, or call-to-action product blocking Fomo on the desktop or mobile version of your website, add this to your theme inside Theme > CSS:

div#someone-purchased {
  z-index: 2147483647 !important;

The result should look like this:

(Optional) If you prefer to "own" the CSS on your own site, just paste the same code in your stylesheet:


Here's an example of this fix on an ecommerce store with a sticky "Sign Up" button along the bottom of their mobile shop.

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