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Track Fomo conversions in Google Analytics
Track Fomo conversions in Google Analytics

Measure conversions with Google Analytics.

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If you're using Fomo for Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento 2, LightSpeed, or BigCommerce and would like to see granular metrics, this is possible within Google Analytics.

Step 1 - Access Google Analytics

While logged into Google Analytics, click on 'Acquisition' from the left navigation bar:

Next, select 'All Traffic' then click the 'source/medium' option.

Step 2 - Filter Results

Search for "fomo/notification" as the source / medium combination:

Step 3 - You're Done!

On the far right, you should see conversions driven from direct click-through traffic on Fomo notifications. Make sure to select a valid goal from the "Conversions" dropdown first.

If you can't find traffic with the "fomo / notification" combination, it's possible you provided custom values inside your Fomo dashboard.

Please email us if you need help, or prefer to connect Google Analytics directly to your Fomo dashboard.

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