Thousands of companies use Fomo notifications to grow their business, so we've witnessed a large number of user settings combinations.

After you collect some data on your own website, our machine learning platform called Fomo Insights will begin to recommend the best settings.

But in case you prefer a set-and-forget strategy, below are our favorite settings, which we use on our own website.

Here are these settings, explained in detail:

  • Loop notifications -- turned off (why show customers the same thing?)

  • Hide on Mobile -- turned off (if you have other widgets depending on bottom/top view, however, you should consider disabling mobile)

  • Randomize delay -- turned off (we hired a 3rd party data scientist to see what settings converted the best across our entire user base, consistent display intervals outperformed randomized delay by 30% on desktop)  

  • Theme -- currently we use the 2nd provided theme, and many more are on the way. You can also customize yours very heavily.

  • Initial delay -- 5 seconds (let your users begin reading your headlines before diverting their eyes)

  • Max per page -- 8 (if a user is still on your website after about a minute, they're likely already 'hooked')

  • Display time -- 4 seconds (this is just long enough for someone to read your notifications, without feeling slowed down)

  • Delay between notifications -- 7 seconds (after showing a quick update, this lets your users resume what they were already doing)

  • Timeago threshold -- 4 hours. This depends on the level of activity on your platform, but ultimately, you want to show timestamps for very recent behaviors.

  • Event threshold -- often, prospects will visit your site a few times during a week or month, while they consider engaging with your products or services. This setting ensures that they get fresh content on every visit.

  • Position -- we like the bottom left, because the top could interfere with your navigation, and the bottom right is often where Live Chat tools are placed.

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