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Will Fomo slow down my website?
Will Fomo slow down my website?

How does Fomo effect your website page speed and load performance?

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TL; DR - No. Fomo will not slow down your website.

Site speed is a critical component of conversion optimization for ecommerce stores.

We're proud to share that Fomo is about 50kb, and loads asynchronously with the rest of your website.

Instead of typical web elements, which render from the top to bottom of a page, Fomo loads "when it can" and thus does not materially affect your site's speed.

What does this mean?

50kb only takes milliseconds to load on almost all internet connections.

Most Google Fonts (used by tens of millions of websites) are slightly over 1 megabyte (1000 kb) 

Images (logos, product thumbnails, etc) can be 50kb to 5mb or more (depending on quality and size)

This image below is about 400kb.

To top it off, we use extremely fast and reliable Amazon servers and an enterprise-tier database.

What about Leverage browser caching?

We don't use browser caching on our javascript files due to functional reasons. Browser caching saves a copy of the javascript file on the visitor’s computer, this can be beneficial for speed for files that never change, however it would mean that any changes to Fomo events/settings will not be seen on visitor’s browser because they will be using the saved copy instead of the newest data from our servers. Moz has a good article about the potential dangers of browser caching.

If you'd like to learn more about how our widget works, read this blog post.

What else does Fomo do to ensure fast loading?

We use Brotli compression for all our javascript code and use Cloudflare's CDN to ensure data sent over the internet very fast. Yah for nerds!

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