Fomo templates contain sentence structures and merge tags.

They also support something we call filters. This lets you adjust the look and feel of specific Fomo notification variables (first_name, city, etc) with a bit of "syntactical sugar."

Filters are included in your templates by simply adding a "|" (pipe), then a space, then the filter name. Note: you must use a single space between the elements (variable, filter, pipe) for this to work.

You can combine multiple filters by adding a pipe between each filter, here are some examples of this:

{{ first_name | propercase | default [Someone] }}

{{ title | replace [XX Pro Plan (Midnight Special), Pro Plan] | replace [XX Ultra Plan, Ultra Plan] }} 

Here are a few of our currently supported filters...


{{ variable | number }} 

This formats numbers as comma-separated, if more than 3 digits long.


1,234 visitors are looking at this right now


{{ variable | truncate }} 

This reduces the variable's length to 30 characters.

However, you may want to specify the exact character length. Example:

Hello, World. My name is Berna...

{{ variable | truncate 15 }} 

The '15' parameter represents a custom character length of 15 characters.


Hello, World. My name is...


{{ variable | first }}

This reduces the variable to the first character. Similar to truncate, but easier for display names as initials and such. 

Input: James
Output: J


Sometimes integrations send data like "XX Pro Plan (Midnight Special)" and all you want to show off is "Pro Plan."

{{ variable | replace [XX Pro Plan (Midnight Special), Pro Plan] }} 

Just add the "replace" filter, followed by two "arguments" inside [ ] brackets.

The first argument should be the value you want to replace, then a comma, and the second argument (after the comma) should be the new value to replace it with.


Got a few pesky characters you want to ignore in a template variable?

For example, if your {{ title }} value is "Red, Shirt" you can remove the comma with:

{{ title | delete [,] }} 

In case there are multiple instances of a character, and you only want to delete one...

Ex: {{ title }} is "Some, long title, with commas"

{{ title | delete_first [,] }}  => "Some long title, with commas"
{{ title | delete_last [,] }}  => "Some, long title with commas"


If your variable lengths are unpredictable, you may be unable to use Truncate.

For that reason, we created "trim_before" and "trim_after" filters.


{{ title_with_link | trim_after [ - ] }} 

Would convert this product title:

"AX100 Hoverboard - Free Shipping 24x7"

Into this:

"AX100 Hoverboard"

Similarly, trim_before would turn this:

"MIDNIGHT SALE | Gaming Chairs"

{{ title_with_link | trim_before [ | ] }} 

Into this:

"Gaming Chairs"

To use the trim_before and trim_after filters, just place your unwanted character "delimiter" inside [ ] brackets, following the filter name and a space.


{{ variable | color #00f }}
{{ variable | color #0000ff }}

Color codes support 3 or 6 digit hexcodes, and will modify that variable's value only.

Default Fallbacks

{{ variable | fallback [some word] }} 

After a variable, space, pipe, and another space, input "fallback" and then your fallback word(s) inside square brackets. You can add nothing between the brackets (ex. "[]") for a blank fallback.


{{ first_name | default [Someone] }} --> "Someone" if first_name is blank

Random Fallbacks

{{ variable | fallback_random [A marketer,Someone great] }}

Per event (Fomo notification) created, their message would randomly be either:

  • A marketer just signed up...

  • Someone great just signed up...

Mix and match fallback_random  filters on multiple variables at once, and feel free to provide unlimited, comma-separated options, ie:

{{ first_name | fallback_random [A cool person,Someone great,An honest marketer,Your new best friend] }}


{{ variable | bold }} --> Hello, world

Self explanatory. This will bold the variable's value in your notification message.


Suppose your merge variable 'first_name' is "chRis."

{{ variable | propercase }}  --> Chris

{{ variable | upcase }}  --> CHRIS

{{ variable | downcase }}  --> chris


Count Up

If your merge variable is a number 'amount', 'visitor_count', 'count', etc. This will "count up" to your variable number as the notification displays.
{{ variable | count_up }} 


This will give your notification a little "TADA!" as the notification displays.
{{ variable | tada! }} 


Arrow color defaults to black
{{ variable | arrow }} 

To change color: {{ variable | arrow #026aa7 }}
Color codes support 3 or 6 digit hexcodes.  

State Abbreviations

Abbreviate US state names
{{ province | abbr us_state }}

From this:

to this:

Delete Linebreaks
Remove all linebreaks
{{ variable | delete_linebreaks }} 

Template Filters on Static Text

You can apply any of the template filters above to static (plain) text. Simply use [[ ]] instead of {{ }} for static text.


  • {{ time_ago }}  does not support filters (yet)

If you have any questions about using filters in your notifications, let us know.

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