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What can I do with the Fomo API?
What can I do with the Fomo API?

Get started with our REST API.

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Fomo is a social proof automation platform that uses current customer behaviors to encourage future customers.

Without any code, Fomo users can sync core customer behaviors from ~1000 apps through our Zapier Integration.

However, technical marketers and developers using Fomo may want more control over the delivery, timing, and display of their Fomo notifications.

Using the Fomo API, users may do things like the following:

  • Custom notification attribute pairs, ie "Car: Sedan"

  • Export analytics data to an existing BI Dashboard

  • Manage multiple web properties from the command line, vs logins

To get started with the Fomo API, sign up and then check out our API documentation.

Once you're logged into your Fomo account, you can create a template to receive your request data by clicking into the Notifications tab, clicking 'Add Notifications, then 'All Notifications, and searching for REST API:

This will bring you to the next screen where you can create and edit your associated templates:

You can learn more about templates here. Note: the template ID is what you'll use for the event_type_id  in your post request to create an event.

Once a successful request is sent through to a template, you can see your newly created Event under the Events tab. 

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