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Embed Fomo on BigCommerce Stencil Theme
Embed Fomo on BigCommerce Stencil Theme

How to embed the Fomo snippet on your BigCommerce store.

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After connecting your BigCommerce store to Fomo, the last step is to embed a single line of code on your store, to begin showing Fomo notifications.

Step 1

From your BigCommerce admin area, select "Storefront" > "Script Manager":

Step 2 

In the Script Manager section,  fill out the sections name and editable. Click the button titled "Create a Script".

Step 3

In the resulting create a script page, fill in the details as pictured in the screenshot. Next paste your unique Fomo script tag in the Script contents box.

Step 4 - You're Done!

After hitting the save button, you'll immediately begin seeing recent order notifications on your website, from your Events tab inside Fomo.

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