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Connect Fomo to PayPal with Zapier
Connect Fomo to PayPal with Zapier

How to connect PayPal to Fomo.

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Zapier is a powerful platform that lets you connect 1000s of apps together, without writing a single line of code.

Below is a quickstart guide to help you show off recent Paypal sales as Fomo notifications.

Note: PayPal is considered a "premium app" by Zapier and therefore only available to paying Zapier users.

Step 1 - Connect Zapier

Inside Zapier, create a new Zap with Paypal as Step 1 of the Zap.

Be sure to choose the "Successful Sale" event (there are 2!) that includes "line item support" (see the small text in the screenshot below). This will enable the most data possible for the integration.

Step 2 - Create a Template

While logged into Fomo, navigate to Notifications > Zapier > click "new +" to create a template for your PayPal sales.

Something like below should work well:

Step 3 - Connect Fomo to Zapier

Following this guide, add Fomo as Step 2 of your Zap.

Then, "map" over values from your most recent PayPal sale (which will be auto-loaded in your Zap as an example) to each "variable" from your Fomo template's notification. 

In the example above, we use the variable {{ first_name }}

To map a variable, select your Fomo template (ie: PayPal order) in Step 2 of your Zapier, then choose each variable's correct value from the dropdown:

You only need to map the variables you want for your Fomo notification message (again, in our example, we'd only need to map the First Name and Title). You can ignore the "time_ago" variable mapping -- we generate these automatically for you.

Step 4 - You're done!

After choosing which variables from PayPal will be used to populate Fomo events, you can save + enable your Zap.

Going forward, new Paypal orders will turn into Fomo notifications on-demand.

Remember to turn on your Zap (top right of your Zap workflow page)!:

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