All Fomo plans inluce the same rich features, with a couple contstraints:

  1. Hobby plan is limited to 1 website, while Pro and Advanced plans can have 3 or 5 websites, respectively. Need more? Let us know.
  2. Hobby, Pro, and Advanced plans can show 50,000, 200,000, or 2,000,000 notifications per month.

How are Notifications Calculated?

We had two options for creating a fair pricing structure.

The first was to bill based on the number of events you create. The second option was to bill based on how often those events are seen by end-users.

We chose the latter, because a given user will only see 3-5 unique events during a typical browsing session. Therefore, it didn't seem right to 'punish' businesses who send lots of events (API calls, Zapier connection, etc), since they quickly expire.

By charging based on the number of notifications shown to your end-users, we're more aligned with the success of your business.

While pageviews don't tell the full story of a company's success, they are a tangible proxy for the market's interest in your website, and thus, the volume exposure Fomo can provide.

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