How to connect Fomo with Instapage

Show off your Instapage form submissions.

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Instapage is a leading landing page platform.

If you host performance marketing campaigns on Instapage, you can connect your account with Fomo to showcase new lead conversions on your website, in real-time.

Step 1 - Enable Instapage

While logged in to Fomo, navigate to Notifications, click ‘Add Notifications’, then ‘All Notifications’. Search for 'Instapage' and click to open the integration.

Your page will populate with a 'Webhook URL,' which we'll use inside inside your Instapage admin dashboard:

Step 2 - Enable Fomo

While logged in to Instapage, click on the landing page you'd like to sync with Fomo. You'll see a modal pop up; select "Integrations" > "Form Integrations" > "Webhook".

For Endpoint: add in the Webhook URL from Step 1:

For Token: if it asks you to "Enter your server's token authorization key," just select 'Continue' in the bottom right without entering anything.

For Method: select "Send by POST + JSON".

For Fields: map your lead's variables (name, email) like below:

Ignore the "name" mapping if you don't have a "Name" field. If your name field is "First Name" or "Full Name," or something else, just make sure to call it "first_name" on the right side.

Same goes for email addresses - if you do collect user emails, map the email variable to "email_address" on the right side.

Pro Tip: if you have other fields you'd like to map, let us know via live chat or email and we'll make it happen.

For Session: you don't need to touch this. We already turn user IP addresses into city, province, and country, so you don't need to map those.

Step 3 - Save your Changes

The hardest part is done now. Click "Finish" on your Webhook Integration setup modal within Instapage.

Lastly, make sure you 'Publish' your page. You may need to click on the landing page again to see a Publish button.

Step 4 - You're Done!

Phew, now you've set up Instapage on Fomo.

Wherever you plant your Fomo snippet, you will begin to see a live stream of new lead subscribers sent to your Fomo event feed, from Instapage.

Optional: Repeat Step 3 for every landing page whose leads you want streamed live on your website.

To edit the message structure of your Fomo notifications, simply visit the Notifications tab while logged into Fomo, locate the Instapage template, and click 'edit'. (Feel free to rename this template as well.) 

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