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How to connect Fomo with Unbounce
How to connect Fomo with Unbounce

Show off your Unbounce leads.

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Unbounce is a leading platform for performance marketers to generate and analyze inbound leads.

If you use Unbounce to curate leads, you can connect your account with Fomo to stream recent prospect interest on your website.

Step 1 - Enable Unbounce

While logged into Fomo, visit Integrations > Unbounce > click Unbounce to connect.
Click 'connect with Unbounce' and you'll be prompted to login with your Unbounce credentials.ย 

After you log in, you will be directed to the Unbounce integration page. At the bottom of this screen, you should see your sub-accounts available:

Toggle at least 1 of these on.
Return to this Unbounce connection page anytime by navigating to Integrations > Unbounce.

Step 2 - You're Done!

Going forward, new leads from your Unbounce forms will be sent automatically to your Fomo event feed, and shown on your website in real-time.

To edit the message structure and merge variables of your Unbounce notifications, simply visit the Templates tab while logged into Fomo, and edit the '{{Subaccount Name}} - Unbounce Lead Subscriber' template.

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