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How to connect Fomo with Celery
How to connect Fomo with Celery

Show off your orders from Celery.

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Celery is the leading platform for collecting pre-orders and generating product buzz.

Connecting Fomo with Celery is seamless, and takes just a few seconds.

Step 1

Step 2

Scroll down and copy the Access Token (not the User ID) to your clipboard.

Step 3

Log into Fomo, navigate to Notifications, click ‘Add Notifications’, then ‘All Notifications’. Search for 'Celery' and click to open the integration.

On the resulting page, paste your access token:

You're done!

Click the orange 'Continue' button to automatically import orders.

Going forward, new product orders will be imported on-demand, and shown on your website in real-time.

To edit the message structure of your Fomo notifications, simply visit the Notifications tab while logged into Fomo, locate the Celery template, and click 'edit'.

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