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Exclude specific pages from showing Fomo notifications
Exclude specific pages from showing Fomo notifications

How to hide Fomo on certain Shopify pages.

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To remove Fomo notifications on a product page for a Shopify store:

  1. Visit your Theme (Online Store > Themes) and click Actions > Edit code:

2. Open the product.liquid page inside the Template folder.

3. To remove Fomo from every product page, simply paste this snippet at the top as a new line:

<meta name='notify:enabled' content='false'>

Your product.liquid file should look something like this. Make sure to click 'Save!'

** Advanced Settings **

4. To remove Fomo from specific products or page, you'll need to create an 'If' statement.

Below is an example that excludes Fomo on a product at the URL

To exclude multiple products, simply build your If statement with the 'Or' operator like this:

To learn more about the Shopify If-Statement, check out this page. Alternatively, grant access to your store and we'll take care of this for you, free of charge.

Lastly, to remove Fomo notifications on a Shopify Page, simply repeat the above instructions on page.liquid instead of product.liquid in your theme.

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