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Will Fomo conversions affect other app's conversions?
Will Fomo conversions affect other app's conversions?

How conversions are tracked.

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Every marketing platform measures conversions a bit differently.

The primary strategies are:

  1. UTM parameters (tracks visitor from session start --> session end)

Fomo measures conversions with strategy #1, by "listening" for Goal completions in your Google Analytics where the Fomo UTM parameters were present within the same visitor session.

To learn more how Fomo calculates conversions, go here.

The following section (work in progress) outlines the difference between Fomo conversion tracking and other platforms.

Facebook Advertising

Most brands advertising on Facebook install the "tracking pixel" to understand user behaviors on their website, after someone clicks an ad on Facebook.

Here's how it works:

  1. Facebook user clicks an advertisement

  2. User lands on a website, usually with UTM parameters appended to the URL. ie:

  3. The installed pixel (in the footer or head of that /red-shoes web page) logs a pageview in the Advertising portal. The user is also uniquely identified.

  4. If the user completes a "Goal," defined in either Facebook or an analytics tool, the Facebook Pixel logs a conversion

Sometimes we're asked if Fomo interferes with Facebook advertising conversion tracking -- the general answer is no.

This is because a visitor from Facebook is first logged as a Facebook engagement, then* potentially begins a "Fomo session" (by clicking a Fomo notification), and finally may convert or leave the site altogether.

In Facebook's own words, here is how the tracking pixel may be configured:

In the case of a conversion, Google Analytics + the Fomo Dashboard will show a Fomo conversion + Facebook conversion, and the Facebook portal will show a Facebook conversion.


Have questions about search keyword advertising? Ask us. :)


Most retargeting platforms (AdRoll, Perfect Audience) also use pixels. If you have specific questions, ask us. :)

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