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Fomo Roundups for Ecommerce
Fomo Roundups for Ecommerce

Show off how many people bought a product in the last X hours.

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We're excited to support Roundup Events for several of our ecommerce integrations, including Shopify, BigCommerce, and WooCommerce.

These "meta" notifications - created by trends in your sales data - are painless to configure.

How it Works

  1. Enable Roundups

  2. Every X hours, Roundup notifications are re-calculated

  3. Modify or delete your Roundups any time

Step 1 - Enable Roundups

To enable Roundups on your store, log into Fomo and visit Notifications > #{{ Shopify/BigCommerce/WooCommerce }} to toggle Roundups on/off.

Step 2 - Roundup Notifications

We currently support 3 types of Roundups...

  • People

  • Locations

  • Popular

A sample People roundup looks like this...

"#{{ quantity }} people bought #{{ title }} in the last few hours"

... where quantity is an integer, like 15, and title is a product or sales page title. People roundups are calculated with 12 hours of data on a rolling basis.

A sample Locations roundup looks like this...

"Our most recent customers are from #{{ city_1 }}, #{{ city_2 }}, and #{{ city_3 }}"

... where city_1, city_2, and city_3 are the most popular, recent customer locations. Locations roundups are calculated with 3 days of data on a rolling basis.

A sample Popular roundup looks like this...

"#{{ title }} is our most popular product this week, with #{{ quantity }} purchases"

Popular roundups are calculated with 7 hours of data on a rolling basis.

Step 3 - Enable/Disable Roundups

Want to tweak the messaging of your Roundups? Visit the integration of choice (Shopify, Bigcommerce, etc.), click settings, and scroll down to Templates:

Need to pause a specific template or roundup? Just click on the orange toggle to 'disable' and no new notifications will be created for that template.

To permanently remove Roundups from your website, delete the relevant templates and all existing Roundups will be removed automatically. This will also ensure that future Roundups will not be created.

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